Cars 2: Grand Prix

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Are you ready to travel around the world with Lightning McQueen?

In 2006 Disney-Pixar surprised us with a fun cartoon movie called Cars, whose protagonist was a handsome racing car who fought for his dream: to win the Piston Cup. Bit by bit Lightning McQueen, said protagonist, realized that winning wasn't everything, and discovered the real meaning of friendship, and learnt that there were more important things than prizes, sponsorships and fame.

Some years later, in the Disney-Pixar studios they have been working on the sequel, called Cars 2: Grand Prix. This time our hero is ready with a new team of mechanics and his inseparable friend Mater, a rusty old crane-truck, who do everything possible to win the World Grand Prix.

Ready to travel the world, Lightning and Mater get involved in a spy adventure. But to know what happens you have to watch Cars 2: Grand Prix on the big screen. Until then you can decorate your desktop with this fantastic Cars 2 wallpaper.


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